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4.3 ( 8743 ratings )
Produtividade Navegação
Developer: Peter Ent

PinRoute creates visual itineraries using a map and numbered pins. Pins may be saved into named (and color-coded) collections for later use.

Pins are added either through searching for locations (place names and addresses are supported) or by marking a location via a finger press. Once a pin has been placed it can be added to any itinerary and saved into a collection. Multiple itineraries let you plan routes for different activities, such as trips or daily schedules.

After an itinerary has been made, a route may be calculated and optimized (sometimes re-ordering the pins in the itinerary). The route is shown as a colored line starting with the current position and passes through the itinerary pins. The route remains live until cancelled so that additional pins may be added or pins deleted and the route will automatically recalculate; turn-by-turn navigation is not supported in this version.